Alertia Monitoring project is closing its doors

This statement is to say thank you and good bye.

We tried hard but unfortunately, we couldn't achieve the original goals we planned when we started thinking up a simple and easy monitoring application called Alertia 18 months ago. After that period, we have decided to take the painful decision of shutting down Alertia. I would like to thank the +1000 users that had a chance to try the Alertia Monitoring application during the past months, and I hope they found the application helpful enough for their needs.

Alertia accounts and website will be definatly closed next October 20th 2012, this gives all users enough time for switching to other monitoring provider. Until that date you may still login to your account

Alertia application and trademarks are property of Altura Networks, S.L. Here we keep working on new and exciting projects. In case you need any information about Alertia or just want to send any comments please contact me at


Lazaro Vicedo
CEO at Altura Networks, S.L.